Thursday, 20 August 2009

Some Advice From Models Direct - How To Get The Perfect Portrait

If you’re thinking of applying to be a model be aware that you don’t have to spend loads of money on having a photoshoot, genuine agencies won’t demand that you have professional photographs. When people apply to be a model with us, we ask for a few test-shots including headshots and full length photos which can be taken at home.

So, how can you get the best photos?

Make sure the location is well-lit, if it’s sunny make the most of it and have some taken outside.

Avoid cluttered backgrounds that could draw attention away from you, the photos will look more professional with a simple background. Also, stick to plain coloured clothes and avoid wearing a hat. Remember we want to see pictures of you.

Make sure you have fun! Get some photos of you smiling as well as more posed shots and let your character shine through. We want to see you looking relaxed and happy.

Practice different facial expressions in a mirror by making different sounds such as ‘mmm’, ‘mee’ and ‘haa’. Ok, you might feel a bit silly (especially if someone catches you doing it!) but it will help.

One final point, if you are looking for work as a model with an agency, and are able to, make sure you update your photos regularly so clients can see up-to-date photos, you might be exactly what they’re looking for!

You can find some more tips for achieving the perfect photos here.