Monday, 28 September 2009

Promising Male Model Praises Leading Agency: Models Direct.

Twenty-four year old Chris Kingdom, from Leytonstone in London, had a ball on his last assignment for Models Direct. The attractive young model spent two days playing a ‘Gordon Gecko’ character at The Insight Show in the Grand Hall at The Olympia.

He had his hair slicked back, wore a suit with red braces and held a brief case to add to his character. Chris told us that he had enjoyed the role play element to the assignment, commenting, “It was a fun couple of days! It was nice to be working for a good company and to get more work from Models Direct”

Models Direct represent a huge variety of models, connecting those who are selected by clients to businesses everyday, Chris is one of those success stories.

Not everyone is selected by clients that they are put forward to by MD, this is because often the client has a very specific idea of what they are looking for and the modelling industry is notoriously competitive.

However, Managing Director of Models Direct, Damian O’Conner, says “A simple way to raise your chances of impressing the companies we supply, is to keep your promotional images on the MD sites updated regularly. Models Direct do not expect or charge for professional photographs and you can update your own photographs as often as you like, on up to three websites.”

So, do you always have to be stunning, tall, young and slim to be a model??

“I think modelling has really opened up over the past decade or so,” says O’Connor. “Advertisers are looking to find a model who reflects the real world, rather than some high fashion ideal. And at the same time, more and more ordinary people of all ages, shapes and sizes are taking steps towards becoming a model.”

We let Chris have the final word to people out there who would like to become a model;

“Go for it, if it’s something you are willing to put time and energy into. It’s great fun and you meet loads of different characters on different assignments!”

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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Advantages of Working for Nothing!

When you first start a modelling career it can be a bit daunting, but the more assignments you do the more confidence you gain, making the whole experience more enjoyable. Many models would be grateful for the opportunity to get some more experience at the start of their career, even if it did mean working for free!

This was the case when student Melanie approached Models Direct looking for four models who were willing to participate in a fashion show to raise funds for Cancer Research. Of course we were more than willing to help out and our team had no problem finding the four women to take part.

The lucky models were Rebecca H, Rebecca B, Carly and Emma. This was the first catwalk assignment for all of them and they had a great day. It was made even more special as it was for such a good cause.

“It’s everything I ever wanted to do so being a model for the day felt like the beginning of my dreams” comments Rebecca H. “It was a great experience and I would love to do it again.”

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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Models Direct Loves Vivienne Westwood’s Swashbuckling New Collection

Here at Models Direct we’ve been keeping an eye out for exciting collections from the Fashion Weeks and we just had to mention Vivienne Westwood’s men’s collection.

It seems she’s watched Pirates of the Caribbean one too many times as a number of the models are sporting pirate hats and eye-patches. We’re not complaining though, we think the pirate look is a great one, especially at Halloween!

It also appears that she’s taken inspiration from Zorro (masks), Robin Hood (feathered hat), Heath Ledger’s interpretation of the Joker (pale make-up, extended lips) and regressed back to her punk routes(tartan).

After I got over the initial distraction of the accessories I realised the I loved the clothing as well. It’s varied and imaginative, perfectly fitting (for what I assume is) the collection’s theme of ‘Gold and Treasure, Adventure and Exploration’.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Models Direct Heart Victoria Beckham’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

Fledgling designer Victoria Beckham has again won praise from the fashion community following the launch of her latest collection at New York Fashion Week.

As her models walked the runway Victoria talked a small audience of buyers and journalists through each design. For the first time, evening wear was included in the collection, featuring a beautiful red silk gown with a bold black trim.

'So accomplished was the cut; so deftly chosen was the fabric and so masterful the execution that it was hard to believe this was the work of a novice,' said Evening Standard fashion editor Laura Craik.

It seems this former Spice Girl has finally found her niche.
Beckham responded humbly to her success. 'I know I used to be in a pop group and I’m married to a footballer – a very lovely footballer,' she said. ‘But I’m grateful that people are prepared to leave their preconceptions at the door and let the dresses speak for themselves. The sell-through has been amazing.'

Thursday, 10 September 2009

New Direction For Model Pets

There’s a new girl in town! She is a super fit model, with fair hair and distinctive looks and she’s about to earn a five figure sum for her first national advertising campaign.

So who is this mystery fashionista? It’s Bella the ‘Labradoodle’ dog (Poodle-Labrador cross-breed), and she has great representation.

Bella’s owner happens to be one of the highest earning and most experienced fashion models in the world, millionaire business woman and ‘The Beautiful Life’ star, Elle ‘The Body’ Macpherson. The designer pooch has just been snapped up by, to be the face of the dog style brand and model their new high fashion collection for ‘todays stylish urban dog’.

Elle Macpherson, who has her own very successful cosmetics and fashion ranges, is often seen walking Bella near their home at Notting Hill and she clearly supports her canine companion’s move into the fashion industry, having reportedly called Dogside in person to accept their offer of a modelling contract on Bella’s behalf.

The brand boasts that their new model has the perfect look for their products and they can’t wait to get her started, showing off their leads, coats, scarves and bowls.

Bella is inevitably being promoted as ‘The Dog’s Body’ in the lead up to their campaign launch.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Models Direct Twin Girls Star In BBC 1 Hit ‘Mistresses’!

Just a month after signing her twin baby girls Gracie and Evie to Models Direct, Mum Julie was contacted by the agency’s assignments department about an exciting opportunity for them, working on the BBC hit series ‘The Mistresses’, Britain’s answer to US series ‘Sex And The City’.

The twins, from Belvedere in Kent, had been selected to play the part of baby Elsa whose mum in the series is the character Siobhan, the ‘hardworking mum whose life isn’t quite what it seems’ played by actress Ola Brady.

Five million viewers tuned in for the launch of ‘Mistresses’ when it first graced our screens back in 2008 and this year saw the second series, which starred the Models Direct baby models. Due to the inclusive nature of Models Direct and the diverse range of looks we are able to offer to clients, we were able to provide the BBC with just the ‘look’ they were searching for!

Whenever the twins went to film at the set in Bristol, Gracie and Evie were given full star treatment by the BBC. They have enjoyed luxurious stays at the Bristol Marriot Royal Hotel and chauffeur service whenever they’ve been needed at the studio.

Mum Julie said that the twins had really enjoyed the experience. “We’ve just finished filming the first two episodes of Mistresses Series 2 and the twins loved it! Everyone made them feel very at home and they really enjoyed all the attention and fuss that was made of them. We look forward to doing the rest of the series.”

The models needed for this kind of TV work often require an ‘everyday’ look, which makes it potentially accessible to anyone – it all depends on the specifics of the job and whether your particular look is what the client requires.

If you or someone you know is interested in acting but never went to drama school, it may be worth considering a chat with one of the Models Direct team!