Monday, 3 August 2009

All the Queen’s Dresses

To celebrate sixty years since the formation of the modern Commonwealth, a collection of outfits worn by the Queen on overseas visits is being displayed at Buckingham Palace.

The gowns are not only beautiful, they had a lot of thought put into how they related to the country the Queen was visiting. For example, on a visit to Pakistan she wore the country’s national colours, in Australia her dress featured the national flower, and when visiting Canada for the Montreal Olympics the dress featured stylised Olympic rings.

The exhibition also features gifts that have been given to her on her worldwide tours, including a necklace made out of a whale’s teeth! On a tour of the exhibition, the Queen questioned whether they should be on display because of new endangered species laws, but apparently there’s nothing to worry about.

I think this would be an interesting exhibition to go to, the dresses look stunning and I’m intrigued by what gifts have been deemed suitable for the Queen. What would you give her?

Evening Gown – 1976
Worn for the Montreal Olympics