Thursday, 13 August 2009

Beauty queen leaves modelling to become estate agent

Ayusha Karki, who won Miss Teen Nepal in 2007, has recently announced that she will not be pursuing a career in fashion and modelling as many have speculated, but instead will be working as an estate agent!

This might sound like a strange and somewhat outrageous decision to us Westerners, but experts say that property prices in Nepal are booming, as the rural community move further in towards cities.

18-year-old Ayusha says that it was an easy decision to make, based on the fact that she has already found buyers for more than 50 houses since starting her new job, despite the fact they won’t be available for more than three years!
I wonder if any other models will follow suit?! I can’t quite see Kate Moss working at Haart though, if I’m honest…