Thursday, 29 October 2009

Models Direct Goes Cosmic!


Here at Models Direct we’ve built up a good relationship with Japanese hair salon Cosmic Link, and have supplied them with models on a number of occasions.
In September, we had our fourth assignment with them, for which they needed three inexperienced female models with a European look and well looked after hair.

Georgie, Hayley and Katharine were the chosen three and couldn’t wait for the assignment. They must have felt like stars when Japanese hairdressers flew over to cut, style and photograph their hair. Now they are all excitedly waiting to see the final photographs.

As with the other assignments with Cosmic Link, the language barrier made things a bit more difficult than the regular modelling assignment but the models soon found this didn’t stop their enjoyment.



Did you know? Some hairdressing facts from around the world

In Japanese hair salons, you will have your face covered by a cloth when having your hair washed. This is due to the close proximity between you and the staff member. The lower half of the body is also covered to avoid any indecent exposure!

In Hungary the most common hairstyle request is Rihanna. Followed by Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes.

In Canada, one out of twenty hairdressers rent the chairs for their salon!

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Friday, 23 October 2009

A Good Day at the Office for Models Direct!

Chameleon Design and Media came to Models Direct on behalf of ACCO to find models to help launch a new conference product. Of course we were happy to help!

ACCO needed three models who looked like they could play the part of management professionals, and lucky models George, George and Sarah were selected. They took part in a morning photoshoot, acting as if they were in a business meeting demonstrating the new product.

As the specifications of the assignment were changed at the last minute, we had to work hard to find exactly the right models. George Reade was confirmed the night before the assignment took place!

All of the models had a great time, and said the best part of the assignment was the interaction with the photographer and other models. Model Sarah said this about the day: “It was fun with good company and great direction.”

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