Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Models Direct Models Play Blushing Brides for Wedding Dress Designer

Here at Models Direct, the girls think they’ve found their dream wedding dresses, and two of our models were lucky enough to try them all on!

Emma Hunt wedding dresses are stunning. “Made with precision and care the dresses are a beautifully designed mix of vintage inspiration & clean lines creating styles that are exquisite and timeless,” as it says on the website.

Emma was looking for models to attend a casting for a photoshoot for her London bridal boutique’s website and to be used at a designer wedding fair. There was a week of castings, attended by models from various agencies. In the end it was two Models Direct models, Karolina and Biljana, who were selected.

Both girls were really happy when they found out they’d been picked and enjoyed a full day photoshoot modelling the dresses.

Check out Emma Hunt’s website to see more photos from the day.



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Monday, 23 November 2009

Models Direct's Elena Models Clarisonic Products for Positive Communications

One of our models spent four afternoons demonstrating the Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System, which has just been released in the UK. The brush uses a massage action to cleanse the skin.

“These days, people are using sunscreens daily, long-lasting makeup and self-tanners, so it’s imperative to properly cleanse the face if you want clear skin,” says dermatologist Dr. Ranella Hirsch in one online article. "Dirt, oil and bacteria left on the skin can wreak havoc, and without clean pores, treatment products like acne fighters and anti-ageing moisturisers are less effective.”

As part of its launch, model Elena was asked to sit in front of journalists while the skincare range was demonstrated on her. The assignment took place over a week and the Models Direct model really enjoyed the experience.

“I am extremely happy to have been selected for this assignment,” Elena reported back to us. “I had a great time.”

What was the best thing about the assignment?

“The best thing was the fact that after only five days of working with a team of four people I felt like we grew a friendship… we all genuinely wish we meet again to work on other projects together.”

Elena also found the assignment very informative, learning more about her skin and how to look after it.


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Thursday, 19 November 2009

A Fancy (Dress) Assignment for Models Direct

Everyone loves dressing up in fancy dress and it was no different for Models Direct models Dionne and Laura. Centre Stage turned to Models Direct when they required models to pose in various fancy dress outfits for the website.

Centre Stage were looking for two female models, one a size 10-12 and one plus size model for the photoshoot. Models Direct take on models of all sizes so this was no problem at all. The outfits they were modelling included pirate and 70s disco styles. Laura also modelled a number of wigs.

From the photos it certainly looks like the women had great fun and we’re pleased that the models’ feedback reflected this. “It was great,” Dionne told us. “I really enjoyed doing this work. Seventies was the best.”

Laura also enjoyed modelling for Centre Stage. “The assignment was pretty fun and in a very relaxed atmosphere,” she reported. “The lady that the assignment was for was very nice and made us very welcome and comfortable.”

Sounds like they had a great day!

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Friday, 13 November 2009

Models Direct Supports their Local Businesses

Earlier this year, and in 2008, Models Direct worked with Yarmouth Stores Ltd, just a short journey from the Models Direct head office. The company provides uniforms, protective clothing and general work clothes for various industries.

On these two occasions Laura and Jenny were picked to model different types of uniforms, including nurse and beauty salon outfits, to demonstrate the products on the website.

We had some excellent feedback from the client, who told us that Laura was a credit to Models Direct and that Jenny was perfect for the shoot. We’re always pleased when assignments go this well.

Earlier in the month, Yarmouth Stores came to us again, this time looking for a male model. Adam was the model chosen and was photographed wearing a variety of work wear and uniforms.

“I thought it all went really well and more importantly I think the client was really pleased with how much we got through” says Adam. “I really enjoyed my role and felt comfortable in what was being asked of me. I’m looking forward to seeing what's next.”

It’s always nice to get good feedback from assignments. Here are a couple of pictures of the lovely Adam, Jenny and Laura from their assignments.

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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Models Direct model selected for assignment the day after signing up!

Twenty year old model Georgina was recently selected for a student fashion shoot, just one day after she signed up with Models Direct.

The shoot took place at Warwick College and the photographer, Selma Goksen, said that the assignment went well and that she was happy with the results. Georgina will receive promotional images from the day, which could help to boost up any portfolio she may decide to put together in future.

Models Direct are always delighted when their models get chosen for assignments so soon after signing up.

“Georgina had just the look that our client was after, so she was an obvious choice when putting models forward for this assignment” said Models Direct bookings manager Lisa “We are of course very pleased that both our client and our model are so happy with how the day went”.

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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

A Great British Holiday With Models Direct!

Earlier in the summer, Models Direct worked with long-running holiday company, Shorefield Holidays.

For models Stuart and Sarah, this assignment probably didn’t seem much like work at all! Shorefield Holidays Limited were looking for models to act as a couple visiting the holiday park in Milford on Sea, Hampshire. For this they were asked to take part in some of the facilities that are offered, for example, fishing, swimming in the pools and simply enjoying a nice dinner.

As you can see from the pictures, Sarah and Stuart had great fun on the assignment, we’re not surprised!

They did encounter one problem however. On the day that the photoshoot was originally planned for there was a huge thunderstorm. While this might have reflected the British summer rather well, it obviously wasn’t a good look for the holiday brochures!

Sarah told us:

“It felt great as it was my first assignment with Models Direct and I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to be the best that I could be. If you are interested in modelling of any sort, feel confident in front of a camera and enjoy meeting people then put yourself out there and give it a go.”

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