Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The Flashy New Anti-Paparazzi Device

Professional photographers can coordinate their cameras so that one flash will trigger another flash and so on. This technology has been used by telecommunications student Adam Harvey to create the perfect anti-paparazzi device, a flashing camera!
He has developed a clutch bag that the A-listers will be clamouring after. The bag features a built in flash and trigger, similar to those used by photographers, so that when a photo is taken of them their own bag flashes back. As you can see below the person holding the bag is almost completely obscured.

Blogger Perez Hilton seems pretty disappointed by the design, saying “We're not happy about this. If we didn't know that our favorite celebrities wouldn't be caught dead carrying anything that wasn't a luxury brand, we would be worried.”

Andy hopes that the bag will be on sale by Spring 2010 and apparently Lindsay Lohan has already put an order in for three.

Do you think this is going to be a success with the rich and famous?