Friday, 26 February 2010

Six Year Old Bethany Proved to be the Perfect Model

At the end of last year one child model from Peterborough, Bethany, took part in a photoshoot for Trimedia UK, the European PR company of the year.

They were looking for a cute child model on behalf of their clients Indesit Company and NPower and required the child to be photographed spelling out words with magnetic letters on a fridge.

Trimedia had previously selected a model, but when the advert was put together they felt that they hadn’t achieved the right look. Emma and Libby at Trimedia were shown a selection of model portfolios with professional pictures and even though Bethany’s portfolio picture was one that was taken at home they could see she would be perfect for the role. With only a few days’ notice Bethany was chosen to attend the photoshoot in Peterborough.

It was the first assignment for the five-year-old, and both her and her mum Sarah enjoyed the experience. Models Direct asked Sarah how the photoshoot went.

“Watching Bethany was an amazing feeling, I’m very pleased,” Sarah told one of the Models Direct coordinators. “Bethany is a natural, she knew what to do. Keep on with the good work.”

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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Repeat Assignments With Action Storage Systems

Back in November client Action Storage Systems returned to Models Direct for the seventh time. The company, based in Milton Keynes, provides innovative storage solutions for commercial premises.

They have used Models Direct to find models for advertising numerous times, and this assignment was no exception. This time Action Storage were looking for a male or female model to pose for images to use in publicity materials. It was model Robbie who was selected for the role.

The photoshoot went well, and both Robbie and Action Storage were pleased with the results. Client Carmel did have one small problem when making the selection though, saying “get some more of your male models to smile in their portfolio shots!”

Here are some of the pictures from previous assignments.

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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Carolyn Helped to Promote Breasthealth UK

One of the great thing about assignments at Models Direct is that every so often there is one that makes everyone involved feel like they’re doing their bit for a good cause.

This was the case with one assignment with Adrenaline Creative, a Cambridge and Peterborough-based design and marketing agency. Their client was Breasthealth UK, a private clinic striving to make more women aware of breast cancer and screening services, offering help, advice and support.

Adrenaline Creative were looking for a model to feature in a video about infrared scans and DNA testing for the website and would have to be comfortable performing a self-examination in front of the camera.

The model chosen was 45-year-old Carolyn, who said the best thing about it was that it was for a good cause, as well as finding it exciting to have the responsibility of being the main person in the video.

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Friday, 19 February 2010

Francesca Almost Appeared on River Cottage!

One Models Direct model was selected to appear on Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s show River Cottage. Production company Keo Films came to Models Direct to find a female model for one of Hugh’s daydreams. Francesca was the model who was selected to star in the short production which was filmed in Devon.

Francesca was filmed walking through a vegetable patch wearing a bunny-style bikini. She had a great day and can’t wait to continue modelling. Keo Films were really pleased with Francesca’s performance but unfortunately could not edit the piece into the final show. This didn’t stop her enjoying the assignment though!

“It was good fun and I think they go what they wanted,” Francesca told Models Direct when she had completed the assignment. “It was exciting and I loved every minute.

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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Baby Beautiful for The Edge Picture Company

Back in October production company The Edge Picture Company turned to Models Direct when they needed a baby to feature in a film for Scottish and Southern energy.

Nick from The Edge Picture Company was looking for a baby with a dark or olive skin tone aged nine to ten months. Our coordinators sent over photos of a selection of babies and in the end it was Mirah from Glasgow who was chosen.

Mirah’s mum Heather couldn’t have been more proud! Here’s what she said about her daughter’s first experience of modelling.

“It was fun for both Mirah and myself and very interesting to see how it all works,” Heather told us. “Mirah seemed to feel at ease and happy with the people around her and her surroundings. I was asked to put Mirah in her high chair while a scene was filmed with a woman who was meant to be her mother. Later she was to fall asleep in the woman’s arms. She snuggled in almost on queue and the producer was very pleased with her performance.”

“If you think your child is suited to being a baby model or in front of a camera with lots of people then give it a go. It makes you very proud to see your baby enjoying themselves and it gives you something to look back on in the years to come.”

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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Models Direct All Wrapped Up for Gift Shop Poppi Red

If you’re ever on holiday in Cumbria, keep an eye out for the lovely boutique Poppi Red. Located in Hawkshead, Poppi Red describes itself as ‘the ultimate gift and pamper emporium’.

Recently, Poppi Red turned to Models Direct to find a confident female model to lead other models down the catwalk in a charity fashion show. After sending over a selection of models it was lucky Rebecca who was chosen.

This wasn’t the first time that Rebecca had used her modelling skills to promote the area. She has previously worked with Cumbria Tourism, having her photos taken around tourist spots to be used on the company’s website.

“I was pleased with the work involved and the retailer was helpful in giving guidance and support,” Rebecca told Models Direct in her model feedback questionnaire. “It’s fun to be a model, it makes you feel good about yourself.”

As there aren’t any photos from the Poppi Red fashion show here are some pictures from Rebecca’s earlier assignment modelling for Cumbria Tourism.

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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Models Direct Goes Back to School

Two of Models Direct’s female models recently went back to college for an assignment at Stroud College, Gloucestershire, helping media students learn how to direct a photoshoot.

Students at the college required some models who would work on a ‘time-for-prints’ basis, and therefore receive photos for their portfolios as payment. Of course this was no problem for Models Direct!

After viewing a selection of models’ portfolios the lucky models chosen were Anna-Marie and Camilla.

The models spent some time with the students to listen to their ideas on the looks that were being portrayed, including powerful businesswomen, a musician in a band as well as some more general fashion photography shots.

So what did Anna-Marie and Camilla think of the assignment? Models Direct found out.

“I was really pleased with how it went, couldn’t have gone better really,” Camilla informed Models Direct. “I felt very relaxed and the time seemed to fly by. It was great to meet new people and talk to the media students about their ideas and how it went for them.”

“It was so much fun and everyone was a joy to work with,” Anna-Marie agreed, saying the best thing about the assignment was “getting the experience of being in front of the camera and working with all different people and their ideas.”

Read more about this assignment here.

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Friday, 5 February 2010

Ashleigh and Shae-Love are still dressing fancy!

Smiffy’s fancy dress company have come to Models Direct five times since November, looking for child models to show off their costumes on the website, they even keep coming back asking for two of our young models.

Ashleigh and Shae-Love are firm favourites of Smiffy’s and have both completed a number of assignments with them. They don’t seem to mind too much – after all, what little girl wouldn’t love to spend a few days trying on fancy dress outfits!

“Ashleigh’s first assignment was magical,” Ashleigh’s mum Kerry told Models Direct. “As a family we enjoyed every minute of it. Ashleigh really enjoyed dressing up in all the fancy dress costumes, having her make-up applied and especially her hair curled, making her feel like the princess that she is!”

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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Models Direct Gets Sporty!

Rugby fans will be jealous to hear of a promotional assignment Models Direct had with The National Sporting Club.

Nine bubbly models were chosen to meet and greet at the sports club next to Twickenham Stadium on the day of the England vs New Zealand rugby match. The models were chosen to look after the guests at an event running alongside the match.

All of the girls chosen had a great day, the following are just a few of the testimonials.

“I really enjoyed being part of the team working as a model along with the other girls, creating good feedback for the team.” - Amy

“It was great meeting the other girls, we enjoyed working at the rugby event. It was fun and rewarding when the client said what a great job we’d done.” – Rebecca

“I had a phenomenal time. The people and the atmosphere were fantastic. It was great, I have met some wonderful people.” – Karolina

Do you have the outgoing and fun personality that it takes to be a promotional model? Find out more here!

Update: Models Direct will be working with The National Sporting Club again when England play Wales on Saturday.

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