Friday, 21 August 2009

Models Direct Loves Snoods

Autumn is approaching quickly and I must admit I’m quite looking forward to donning the woolly jumpers!

Could this be the must have autumn/winter item?

The snood has changed forms over the years; originally it was what we now know as hairnets. The modern snood is the cosy looking combination between a scarf and a hood. As a tube of material it can be worn around the neck as just a scarf, or pulled up over your head to act as a hood or hat as well.

The style has been floating around the catwalks for a while and has recently been seen in Burberry (above) and Missoni collections. Apparently they’re pretty hard to find in the high street shops yet but I’m hoping they’ll be available soon.

In the meanwhile you could always do a Little Edie Beale and wear an upside down jumper over your head.

Another thing, I’m not a huge fan of the name and so I’m (unsuccessfully) trying to think of other word combinations that could be used…

And if you don’t want one for yourself you could always get one for your dog!
This one is $36.00 from COZYHORSE on Etsy.