Thursday, 20 August 2009

Kate Moss to appear on X Factor

Kate Moss has apparently been offered £50,000 to appear as a judge for one episode of the X Factor.

Despite her friendship with new business associate Simon Cowell, the model will be helping Louis Walsh select the groups that will go through to the final. She met him through a charity event earlier in the year and will be jetting off with him to Italy to make the selection.

Ok, so Kate Moss is apparently a huge fan of the show, and has obviously built up friendships with the other judges but does this mean she’s qualified to help choose the finalists? I suppose she did date a rockstar…

One response to an article about this in the Sun newspaper made me laugh, and it pretty much summed up my thoughts: “my neighbour has spent her life around doctors in her hospital cleaning job, but she would say she could perform operations.”