Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Fur Fashion Alternative

Copenhagen Artificial Fur www.cartfur.com opened their first shop in Copenhagen, Denmark earlier this year, following much research and preparation. The company specialises in luxury artificial fur jackets and accessories and the collection is produced locally in Denmark. Materials are sourced within the EU (European Union) thereby cutting transport time and ensuring proper working conditions during production.

Designer Carsten Juhl, who previously designed luxury wedding dresses for a 5th Avenue bridal atelier in New York City, together with company founder Gitte Lakshoej, has created a concept that they hope encapsulates both ethics, quality and high fashion.

With more people taking a stance against animal cruelty, this could be the right time for the launch of this animal fur alternative.

A flattering item in the collection is the shoulder wrap which adds volume to the shoulders, making the waist look slimmer.

Would you buy one of these ‘fur fashion’ alternatives?