Friday, 3 July 2009

A skinnier Lily Allen to be the new face of Chanel…

It seems like 24-year-old Lily Allen has been pretty busy recently. After talking to newspapers about her blossoming friendship with supermodel Kate Moss, sending topless pictures of herself to Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson (apparently intended for eighties popstar Rick Astley – yes, Lily, that makes it all better) and announcing she’ll launch her own jewellery line later in the year, it’s now been confirmed that she will front Chanel’s October 2009 fashion line.

The young pop princess has been in the spotlight since her single ‘Smile’ hit the charts in 2003(?), and since then has been an object of huge media speculation and conjecture. Today, the Daily Mail has posted pictures of the star in her new slimmed down frame, performing at Glastonbury Festival and the Belgian Werchter Rock Festival.

Last December, American popstar Katy Perry called herself “a skinnier version of Lily Allen” on live TV when asked to describe her image and music. It’s probably comments like this combined with signing her Chanel contract that have led to Lily’s recent weight loss.

Lily Allen has always been known as an incredibly down-to-earth, girl-next-door type – surely she should be using this opportunity to promote the use of size 12s (the average in the UK is size 14) in top-end modelling, rather than trying to adhere to the stereotypical requirements of the industry. When will stars realise that size zero isn’t attractive?

Photos of the new Chanel campaign can be viewed here.

I have to admit that she looks great, and I think the campaign will probably be brilliant too. Still, it would be nice to see a size 12 in the spotlight – especially one with such a solid fanbase already. What do you think of the campaign and Lily’s new look?