Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Avril Lavigne launches fragrance and expands clothing line

Pop-punk princess Avril Lavigne has launched her first fragrance this month, and today it has been announced she’ll be expanding the clothing line she launched in 2008.

Avril Lavigne entered the limelight at just 17 years old back in 2002 with the release of her first album ‘Let Go’, which sold 16 million copies worldwide, and peaked at number one in Australia, her native Canada and the UK. Now married to Derek Whibley of pop-punk band Sum 41 and pursuing an acting career alongside her music, she is expected to release a fourth album in September.

Her fragrance, titled ‘Black Star’ went on sale in Europe on July 1st, with an American release set for later in the summer. “It’s really me in a bottle,” she explained to of the new fragrance, which contains elements of pink hibiscus, black plum and dark chocolate. This is the first creation in Avril’s line of cosmetics, though more products are expected next year.

Last year she launched her own punk-inspired clothing line ‘Abbey Dawn’, exclusively to the American retailer Kohl. Photos of the starlet modelling her fashion line can be viewed here: People Magazine have reported today that she will expand her line to include clothing for children – apparently a ‘cuddlier’ version of her own rock ‘n’ roll style.

Considering Avril’s musical success, and the fact that throughout her career she has been a fashion icon for teenage punks everywhere, I’m incredibly surprised that more hasn’t been made of the clothing line and fragrance. Looking at the triumph of Sarah Jessica Parker’s fragrance collection and the successful but short-lived existence of her Bitten clothing (the line’s retailer Steve & Barry's went bankrupt in 2008), it’s truly surprising that Avril’s entrepreneurial exploits aren’t being publicised much.