Thursday, 30 July 2009

Collins Dictionary to Include Fashion Terminology??

The next Edition of the Collins English dictionary will apparantly include some new fashion-lingo! The new dictionary should feature words such as; Body-con, flanny, treggings and frugalista. Definitions are added below.

body-con n a a style of skintight clothing that emphasizes the contours of the body b (as modifier): EG: a body-con skirt [C21: shortened from body-conscious]

flanny, flannie n Austral, slang a shirt made of flannel or flannelette

treggings pl n thick close-fitting leggings

• etymology blend of trousers + leggings

frugalista n informal a person who tries to stay fashionably dressed on a budget

• etymology a blend of frugal + fashionista

Can you think of any to add to this?