Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Bespoke T-Shirts with a twist...

If you're fed up of seeing the same logos and slogans on t-shirts and want something more personal, you'll love the concept of the 'I Love Boxie' t-shirts.

I Love Boxie, a London-based t-shirt design company, rebels against using clothing as a way of advertising brands. Instead they want the clothing to represent the wearer themselves. They make T Spoke (bespoke) t-shirts, you could say they are providing you with a way to advertise yourself.

The idea is this; you email (moxie@iloveboxie.com) them a story from your life, from that one line will be taken and printed onto the t-shirt, it really could be anything.

The result: a t-shirt that actually means something!

The founder of the company is a writer called Moxie. She says, "Everyone has a story, and everyone should have it put on a t-shirt. You look at a person and judge them in two seconds, the t-shirt says, 'there's more to me than what I'm wearing'." Moxie understands that in its own way the company is acting a bit like a self-help group. She's also planning to make a film featuring the stories of some of the t-shirt's creators.

The t-shirts are pretty affordable, approximately £32 (or $43)

Now I just have to think of my story…