Tuesday, 21 July 2009

BigWardrobe.com organises the UK’s first clothes swapping ‘roadshow’

BigWardrobe.com, a website that allows you to swap and sell clothes you don’t want for ones you do, has just announced it will be taking to the road from September, for a series of ‘swishes’ (clothes swapping parties).

It works like this: you bring at least one item of clothing you no longer want, and you swap it for one you do. It’s as easy as that. If you see more items you want than ones you have to swap, it’s just a £2 donation to charity for that must have extra item.

The first one takes place in Leeds on September 17th, with more to follow nationwide over the next year. Tickets cost £5, and this covers lots of other fun and games at the parties – including burlesque performances, free makeovers, butlers ‘in the buff’ serving canapés and cocktails, DJs, customising areas (to make your own bags, corsages and more), fashion shows, and market stalls selling cool, eco-friendly products.

We’re very excited about this here at Models Direct, and us girls in the office can definitely see this as an opportunity to update our wardrobes!