Monday, 28 September 2009

Promising Male Model Praises Leading Agency: Models Direct.

Twenty-four year old Chris Kingdom, from Leytonstone in London, had a ball on his last assignment for Models Direct. The attractive young model spent two days playing a ‘Gordon Gecko’ character at The Insight Show in the Grand Hall at The Olympia.

He had his hair slicked back, wore a suit with red braces and held a brief case to add to his character. Chris told us that he had enjoyed the role play element to the assignment, commenting, “It was a fun couple of days! It was nice to be working for a good company and to get more work from Models Direct”

Models Direct represent a huge variety of models, connecting those who are selected by clients to businesses everyday, Chris is one of those success stories.

Not everyone is selected by clients that they are put forward to by MD, this is because often the client has a very specific idea of what they are looking for and the modelling industry is notoriously competitive.

However, Managing Director of Models Direct, Damian O’Conner, says “A simple way to raise your chances of impressing the companies we supply, is to keep your promotional images on the MD sites updated regularly. Models Direct do not expect or charge for professional photographs and you can update your own photographs as often as you like, on up to three websites.”

So, do you always have to be stunning, tall, young and slim to be a model??

“I think modelling has really opened up over the past decade or so,” says O’Connor. “Advertisers are looking to find a model who reflects the real world, rather than some high fashion ideal. And at the same time, more and more ordinary people of all ages, shapes and sizes are taking steps towards becoming a model.”

We let Chris have the final word to people out there who would like to become a model;

“Go for it, if it’s something you are willing to put time and energy into. It’s great fun and you meet loads of different characters on different assignments!”

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