Thursday, 3 September 2009

Models Direct Twin Girls Star In BBC 1 Hit ‘Mistresses’!

Just a month after signing her twin baby girls Gracie and Evie to Models Direct, Mum Julie was contacted by the agency’s assignments department about an exciting opportunity for them, working on the BBC hit series ‘The Mistresses’, Britain’s answer to US series ‘Sex And The City’.

The twins, from Belvedere in Kent, had been selected to play the part of baby Elsa whose mum in the series is the character Siobhan, the ‘hardworking mum whose life isn’t quite what it seems’ played by actress Ola Brady.

Five million viewers tuned in for the launch of ‘Mistresses’ when it first graced our screens back in 2008 and this year saw the second series, which starred the Models Direct baby models. Due to the inclusive nature of Models Direct and the diverse range of looks we are able to offer to clients, we were able to provide the BBC with just the ‘look’ they were searching for!

Whenever the twins went to film at the set in Bristol, Gracie and Evie were given full star treatment by the BBC. They have enjoyed luxurious stays at the Bristol Marriot Royal Hotel and chauffeur service whenever they’ve been needed at the studio.

Mum Julie said that the twins had really enjoyed the experience. “We’ve just finished filming the first two episodes of Mistresses Series 2 and the twins loved it! Everyone made them feel very at home and they really enjoyed all the attention and fuss that was made of them. We look forward to doing the rest of the series.”

The models needed for this kind of TV work often require an ‘everyday’ look, which makes it potentially accessible to anyone – it all depends on the specifics of the job and whether your particular look is what the client requires.

If you or someone you know is interested in acting but never went to drama school, it may be worth considering a chat with one of the Models Direct team!