Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Models Direct Loves Vivienne Westwood’s Swashbuckling New Collection

Here at Models Direct we’ve been keeping an eye out for exciting collections from the Fashion Weeks and we just had to mention Vivienne Westwood’s men’s collection.

It seems she’s watched Pirates of the Caribbean one too many times as a number of the models are sporting pirate hats and eye-patches. We’re not complaining though, we think the pirate look is a great one, especially at Halloween!

It also appears that she’s taken inspiration from Zorro (masks), Robin Hood (feathered hat), Heath Ledger’s interpretation of the Joker (pale make-up, extended lips) and regressed back to her punk routes(tartan).

After I got over the initial distraction of the accessories I realised the I loved the clothing as well. It’s varied and imaginative, perfectly fitting (for what I assume is) the collection’s theme of ‘Gold and Treasure, Adventure and Exploration’.