Thursday, 10 September 2009

New Direction For Model Pets

There’s a new girl in town! She is a super fit model, with fair hair and distinctive looks and she’s about to earn a five figure sum for her first national advertising campaign.

So who is this mystery fashionista? It’s Bella the ‘Labradoodle’ dog (Poodle-Labrador cross-breed), and she has great representation.

Bella’s owner happens to be one of the highest earning and most experienced fashion models in the world, millionaire business woman and ‘The Beautiful Life’ star, Elle ‘The Body’ Macpherson. The designer pooch has just been snapped up by, to be the face of the dog style brand and model their new high fashion collection for ‘todays stylish urban dog’.

Elle Macpherson, who has her own very successful cosmetics and fashion ranges, is often seen walking Bella near their home at Notting Hill and she clearly supports her canine companion’s move into the fashion industry, having reportedly called Dogside in person to accept their offer of a modelling contract on Bella’s behalf.

The brand boasts that their new model has the perfect look for their products and they can’t wait to get her started, showing off their leads, coats, scarves and bowls.

Bella is inevitably being promoted as ‘The Dog’s Body’ in the lead up to their campaign launch.