Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Ashleigh and Shae-Love are STILL Enjoying Assignments with Smiffy’s

Smiffy’s favourite child models Ashleigh and Shae-Love were selected yet again for two more assignments with the fancy dress company. They have already had their first of the two assignments, a fitting session, and are looking forward to the photo shoot soon.

Ashleigh’s mum Kerry offered her ourmodelssay-select.html>feedback.

“We drove Ashleigh to Leeds for costume fittings for the client Smiffy’s,” she told Models Direct. “As usual the staff were very friendly and made both Ashleigh and I feel very welcome. Looking forward to Ashleigh’s 4th photo shoot with this client.”

You can read about just one of Ashleigh and Shae Love's many assignments here.

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