Thursday, 29 April 2010

Repeat Assignments for The National Sporting Club!

You may remember that a while ago Models Direct had an assignment with The National Sporting Club, a high class hospitality provider for, you guessed it, sporting events.

As was the case for Models Direct's first assignment with company, The National Sporting Club required promotional models to help out an auction and function at Twickenham Stadium.

For the first assignment back in November the England rugby team were playing New Zealand. Now our models are helping out at events that are part of the Six Nations tournament.

Models Direct asked the girls how they got on…

“This was my first job from Models Direct,” Diana explained. “The job was very easy and nice. Me and seven other girls worked as hostesses. We had to meet customers and smile. It was a great experience for me. I hope to get similar jobs again.”

“It felt extremely good to be recognised as a model,” model Nirmin agreed. “The best thing about the assignment was getting to meet new people and interacting with them on a professionally friendly level.”

Models Direct hope the next assignment with the company goes just as well!

You can read more about this promotional modelling assignment here.

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