Thursday, 28 August 2014

Models Direct

Models Direct Walk the Walk

Models Direct look to the catwalk to give the best modelling platform to its aspiring talent.

Modelling isn't an exact science. It's about going with the flow, being in the moment and adapting. Developing your own style of walking doesn't mean coming up with a way to walk in a fashion show that's never been seen before. No need for that level of creativity (so if you're thinking that blowing a kiss and kicking up your heel each time you get to the end of the runway is a great idea, don't do it!).

Models Direct
Models Direct
For the love of all things modeling: keep it simple. You'd be surprised how much more of an impact subtlety will get you when it comes to this topic.

The more you practice your walk, the more you'll start doing little things that make you feel at your best whenever you're strutting. This could be anything from adding a touch more sway to your hips (for women) to shooting a sexy smirk when you pose at the end of the runway (in female modelling or male modelling).

Models Direct offer a springboard into the industry alongside its years of expertise in the modelling business. Check out this video for more about modelling with Models Direct.