Friday, 10 September 2010

Models Direct’s Peter Takes a Trip to Portugal

Every so often our lucky models are given the opportunity to not only show off their talents in photographic, production and promotional roles, they get to go on a trip abroad as well! This is what happened when model Peter was selected for an assignment for Synergy.

Peter travelled to Portugal to take part in a corporate event for medical professionals. Peter, who has plenty of experience in drama and extra work, performed a monologue and in a role play for the company. From what we’ve heard it seems like an enjoyable and luxurious few days for the model.

“The clients were lovely,” Peter told Models Direct. “Always encouraging me and making me feel really welcome. The accommodation and travel was perfect – even though there was an hour’s delay on the return flight, there was a chauffeured car waiting to take me home when I arrived, which was really excellent.”

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