Thursday, 25 March 2010

Models Direct Models Get Virtual Reality Makeovers

Models Direct were excited to hear about some rather unusual assignments last month. Almost twenty male and female models were chosen by client Infinite Realities, who specialise in creating digital 3D characters.

Each of the models posed while photographs were taken of them pulling different facial expressions. They could then watch as they were transformed into computer-generated characters such as those seen in films. We had great feedback from all of the models and Lee, founder of Infinite Realities.

Here’s just one model’s response…

“It was great, I really enjoyed it,” Model Damian told Models Direct. “It was amazing. The best thing about the assignment was the photographer was really professional and was very helpful. I was asked to sit and make faces as he took photos of me which would then be turned into 3D. It was really great and I enjoyed it.”

Here are some photos of our models Damian and Amy, showing the work that Infinite Realities do.

You can read more about this modelling assignment here.

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