Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Carolyn Helped to Promote Breasthealth UK

One of the great thing about assignments at Models Direct is that every so often there is one that makes everyone involved feel like they’re doing their bit for a good cause.

This was the case with one assignment with Adrenaline Creative, a Cambridge and Peterborough-based design and marketing agency. Their client was Breasthealth UK, a private clinic striving to make more women aware of breast cancer and screening services, offering help, advice and support.

Adrenaline Creative were looking for a model to feature in a video about infrared scans and DNA testing for the website and would have to be comfortable performing a self-examination in front of the camera.

The model chosen was 45-year-old Carolyn, who said the best thing about it was that it was for a good cause, as well as finding it exciting to have the responsibility of being the main person in the video.

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