Thursday, 19 November 2009

A Fancy (Dress) Assignment for Models Direct

Everyone loves dressing up in fancy dress and it was no different for Models Direct models Dionne and Laura. Centre Stage turned to Models Direct when they required models to pose in various fancy dress outfits for the website.

Centre Stage were looking for two female models, one a size 10-12 and one plus size model for the photoshoot. Models Direct take on models of all sizes so this was no problem at all. The outfits they were modelling included pirate and 70s disco styles. Laura also modelled a number of wigs.

From the photos it certainly looks like the women had great fun and we’re pleased that the models’ feedback reflected this. “It was great,” Dionne told us. “I really enjoyed doing this work. Seventies was the best.”

Laura also enjoyed modelling for Centre Stage. “The assignment was pretty fun and in a very relaxed atmosphere,” she reported. “The lady that the assignment was for was very nice and made us very welcome and comfortable.”

Sounds like they had a great day!

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